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Tickets scarce to events at Summer Olympics

Published Oct. 10, 2005

Demand for tickets to the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona has been very high, and those hoping to attend should place their orders soon, according to the exclusive United States ticket agent for the Games. There are very few seats left for the most popular events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, said the company, Olson-Travelworld.

Olson, based in Los Angeles, said it had been allotted 30,000 additional tickets to the Games, which run from July 25 to Aug. 9, and that it has already sold nearly 100,000 tickets. But even the new allotment, the company said, will satisfy only about 65 percent of its customers' first and second choices for the events and rounds they want to attend.

Those wishing to reserve seats through Olson should call (800) 874-1992. Tickets for most events are $15 to $35, with some, like those for soccer and fencing, as low as $8. The final rounds of events like track and field or gymnastics are about $90, Olson says, and opening and closing ceremonies will cost $100 to $500 depending on seat location.

Orders are processed on a first come, first served basis, according to date of postmark. But when orders outnumber available tickets for any event, the company distributes them through a lottery.

Among the most requested events are the final rounds of basketball, boxing, diving, swimming, gymnastics and volleyball. For most of these, only earlier rounds of competition are available.

Olson said that its new allotment of tickets was for track and field events, baseball, cycling, fencing, soccer, equestrian sports, weight lifting and synchronized swimming, and that those placing orders soon might still get seats for the final rounds.