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Published Oct. 11, 2005

Movie earnings compiled for most recent week and for complete run of films nationwide.

1W1ayne's World, Paramount

Last week: $9.6-million, 1,878 screens, $46.1-million, three weeks.

2 Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Warner Bros.

Last week: $4.6-million, 1,753 screens, $4.6-million, one week.

3 Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, Universal

Last week: $4.5-million, 1,963 screens, $13-million, two weeks.

4 Fried Green Tomatoes, Universal

Last week: $4.4-million, 1,329 screens, $47-million, 10 weeks.

5 Medicine Man, Disney

Last week: $3.528-million, 1,363 screens, $30.8-million, four weeks

6 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Disney

Last week: $3.523-million, 1,679 screens, $69.7-million, eight weeks.

7 Final Analysis, Warner Bros.

Last week: $2.1-million, 1,383 screens, $22.7-million, four weeks.

8 Beauty and the Beast, Disney

Last week: $2.1-million, 1,346 screens, $116-million, 16 weeks.

9 Mississippi Masala, Goldwyn

Last week: $1.5-million, 325 screens, $2.6-million, four weeks.

10 The Prince of Tides, Columbia

Last week: $1.4-million, 1,163 screens, $66.3-million, 10 weeks