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Man accused in murder for hire

A Connecticut man was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday after he was indicted for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill his sister, who lives in Clearwater.

David Solan, 41, was using a pay phone in Norwalk, Conn., at 4 p.m. Wednesday, talking to an undercover FBI agent in Tampa when he was arrested, said Larry Curtin, spokesman for the FBI's Tampa office.

Solan was indicted Tuesday for using the U.S. mail three times between June 11 and 20 to hire someone to commit a murder, Curtin said. He also is charged with calling someone in Florida for the same purpose, Curtin added.

"It is alleged that the intended victim of this murder for hire scheme was Solan's sister," an FBI press release said.

The FBI and Clearwater police are still investigating a November bomb blast in a Countryside garage that wounded Solan's sister, Paula Sollosy, on the leg and damaged her Cadillac.

Police found evidence that a remote-controlled bomb was attached to Ms. Sollosy's car with Velcro strips.

"My brother is a very disturbed person," said Ms. Sollosy. "There is no reason for him to want to murder me. I'm his sister."

She said her brother has been threatening to kill her for more than six years and the root of his animosity lies in money. Their mother, who lives in Clearwater, had about $150,000 when she moved to Clearwater about two years ago. Solan wanted a share of the money and when his mother did not hand it over to him, he began threatening his sister saying she "stole my mother away from me," Ms. Sollosy said.

A man who answered the telephone at Sollosy's home Wednesday said Sollosy did not want to comment.

"He's been threatening my life for years," Sollosy told the Times in an April interview. "Every time I open my front door, I look around for someone with a machine gun."

At the time she described her brother, who has a doctorate in chemistry, as "remorseless and diabolical."

"He has sent police to my mother's house in the middle of night saying I had beaten her and left her lying in the street," she said.

Ever since Solan was 2 years old, he was a genius, but had very little social skills, Ms. Sollosy said.

"Sometimes I think of him as an idiot savant. He has such genius. It's so wasted on him," she said.

In April, Solan was indicted for mailing two guns to Florida.

A month earlier, federal agents had confiscated a package addressed to Solan's alias at a private mail pickup service in Lakeland. The agents found two handguns and ammunition, among other items. If convicted of that offense, Solan could be in federal prison for five years.