The alien and the president

Published July 3, 1992|Updated Oct. 11, 2005

This just in! Alien deserts Bush campaign to sign up with Ross Perot! President peeved!

There it was on page 4 of the Weekly World News _ a photograph of Bush with the extraterrestrial. And on the tabloid's front page, a photo of Perot and the alien walking down the corridor of a Dallas office.

"This is not fair," the president complained when he spied a copy of the tabloid at his Capitol news conference Thursday.

He picked up the newspaper, which he clearly had seen before, and went straight to page 4. There was Bush with a bald, smooth-bodied creature who had a human-like face and thin, plastic-looking body.

The caption read:

"President Bush, who met with the extraterrestrial in 1991, feels betrayed by the alien's visit with Perot, say administration insiders."

Bush then began reading the headline: "Extraterrestrial who met with George Bush at Camp David."

Bush continued: "I told him, I said, "If I'm going to meet with you, never discuss it.' "

In mock lament, he added, "I thought he was for me all along and there he is" with Perot.

The tabloid wrote that Perot "secretly met with a space alien late last spring and we've got the photograph to prove it!"

"Perot insiders confirm that possible trade and cooperation initiatives between the alien's home planet and the United States were discussed."

The story did not explain how the alien's height matched both Bush and Perot in the two photographs. Bush is 6-foot-2, and Perot is 5-foot-6.