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USF series to explore modern Hispanic issues

Lunchtime conversations will be more serious than the usual fare next week at the University of South Florida.

A series of five discussions on contemporary Hispanic issues begins Monday. The talks will feature everything from the "Myth of the Latin Macho" to "Stereotypes and the Emerging Latin Woman."

"Latin American women have been portrayed as not being politically active," said anthropology professor and panelist Linda Whiteford.

But nothing, she said, could be further from the truth.

"In many cases, women were non-political until their lives were taken over by political crisis," said Whiteford, referring to repressive regimes that took political prisoners in Argentina and Chile. "We're going to talk about how this has galvanized women who were not previously politically active into making a moral statement about their rights as mothers and sisters and wives to know what happened to their loved ones."

The panel discussions, titled Noon Break-Aways on Contemporary Hispanic Issues, are sponsored by USF's Committee on Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

The discussions will be at noon Monday through Friday in University Center Room 270 on the Tampa campus. Admission is free.

Whiteford and anthropology professor Barbara Cruz will be the host of Monday's lecture, "Stereotypes and the Emerging Latin Woman."

The topic scheduled for Tuesday is the "Myth of the Latin Macho," featuring USF professors Carlos Cano, Maria Esformes and Ed Nesman.

On Wednesday, "Violence and Sexual Harassment: Perspectives for Hispanics and Other Minorities" will be discussed by USF professor Sara Torres and USF staffers Mary Poole and Wilma Smith.

"Florida's Hispanic Students: Bilingualism and other Classroom Issues" is the subject for Thursday's lecture, discussed by USF professor Yvonne Cadiz.

And on Friday, "The Roots of Rhythm: The African-Cuba Connection" is to be discussed by USF professors Barbara Cruz and Kevin Yelvington.

For information, call Donna Parrino at 974-2791.