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A new concept on moving furniture

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It's a trip, all right. Jean Paul Gaultier, the bad boy of Paris fashion designers, unveiled his Mobile Furniture Collection in New York recently.

For a chest of drawers, he stacks leather suitcases sideways and puts them on metal carts with wheels. An aluminum and velvet armchair and two-person confidante are equipped with tires; they also come with their own French license plates.

Where is it all headed? Neotu, the Paris and New York gallery sponsoring the "Gaultier House" show through Nov. 5, explains that Gaultier is seeking to translate his avant-garde spirit into another realm, and with the advent of "cocooning," home and hearth seemed ripe for the Gaultier touch.

Each of the nine pieces in the collection, which was first shown in Paris in May, will be produced in a limited edition of 30.

Says Pierre Staudenmeyer, Neotu's owner, "It has not the pretension of being a Memphis, but Gaultier is a big name and it's very well done." Prices range from $6,000 to $15,000.

As for those moving chairs, Neotu suggests that they offer "the freedom to travel without traffic."