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A slide show of prints

Here's a new and fun way to store pictures _ a Showbox photo viewer. Slide open the concealed drawer, drop in 40 photos and close it. Every time you slide open the drawer the next photo appears in the window. Display it at home or in the office. Slip it in your purse or briefcase. If someone comments on the picture, you can show them 39 more! See how easy it is? The Showbox comes in two sizes, 3{ by 5 and 4 by 6 inches, and two colors, soft white and charcoal. It costs $19.99 and is now available in major department stores and will soon be available in camera and gift shops.

Food for your house

Looking for holiday decorations with a twist? Say a pecan wreath, a lemon tree or apple fan for above your doorway? Decorating Digest Craft and Home Projects has put together a 32-page booklet of holiday decorations and ideas. For a copy of Year Round Holiday Decorations send $1 (cash only) to Dept. YHD, Grass Roots Publishing, 950 Third Ave., 16th Floor, New York, NY 10022.

All-new "This Old House'

The first of 26 half-hour programs in the 14th season of This Old House will air at 11:30 a.m. Saturday on WEDU-Ch. 3. The project for the team _ host Steve Thomas, master carpenter Norm Abram, architect Graham Gund and timberframer Tedd Benson _ is the renovation/update of a cookie-cutter ranch house.

Keep track of every drop

Do you ever wonder how much water you use when you take a shower? Brush your teeth? Wash the dishes? Water the garden? It's possible now with Muir Products' WaterTracker. It attaches to faucets, hoses and showerheads and measures the water you're using in /th of a gallon increments. Press a button for a cumulative reading. According to the manufacturer, the WaterTracker is easy to install. The cost for a kit that includes an adapter and meter is $65. Additional adapters are $20. For information on ordering the WaterTracker, write to Muir Products Inc., 1260-B Pear Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043 or call (800) 354-5161.

Home, sweet (sour) home

Remember your first house? Was it a dream come true or a money pit? For our upcoming Home Buyer's Guide, we'd like to hear from you. Tell us the lessons you learned from that first house, what made it special, for good or ill. Send your essays _ please keep them to about 350 words _ to First House, c/o At Home, The Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731. Deadline is Oct. 19.