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Crypt complaints may be answered

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Two years ago I wrote Action about a crypt I had bought at All Faiths Memorial Gardens in July 1987. I paid $2,198 cash. The crypt was supposed to be built and finished that year but it never was.

Upon your advice I wrote to the state comptroller. The people in that office said the cemetery had committed no violations of the law and was, in fact, in the process of finishing the crypt.

That was 1989. It is now three years later and the crypt still isn't finished!

Since this started I have spoken to three different vice presidents out there. First Mr. Peters who sold me the crypt, then Mr. Dion and now Mr. Koma, the new executive vice president who told me July 21 that the crypt was finished. As you can see from the pictures taken July 22, it is not finished.

The state comptroller's office says Mr. Montgomery, the owner of this cemetery, told them that I did not buy anything like this, that his salesman had no right to sell anything like this.

So I guess you'd better forget it because you can't do me any good. You do good for people who have complaints for $3 or $4 but I guess on a $2,198 complaint you wouldn't be able to do any good.

Arthur Myers

Response: Kenneth Montgomery, president of All Faiths Memorial Gardens, wrote to say that your complaints were not handled properly and now that he has changed management, immediate action will be taken.

Montgomery says the new management team will be pleased to meet with you at your convenience. They feel they can solve the situation to your satisfaction.

Since you say you want a full refund _ and since Florida Statute 497.029 states that if the construction of a crypt is not completed within five years after the date of the first sale made, all moneys paid must be refunded upon request plus interest _ we will be interested to learn whether the situation is, indeed, resolved to your satisfaction.

Social Security number

will go along with you

What happens to your Social Security number when you die? Is it reassigned to someone else? If so, when?


Response: According to the folks at the Social Security Administration, your Social Security number is retired when you die.

The first Social Security number was issued in 1936. Since there are nine digits in the number, the system has a capacity for creating nearly 1-billion possible combinations. Just over a third of the possible combinations were issued in the 55 years since the first number was issued.

Isn't it nice to know you can take something with you?

Subscriber's name

is finally corrected

About two weeks ago I failed to receive my daily copy of the St. Petersburg Times. I checked to be sure my quarterly payments were in order (they were) and called your business office to report the problem. It was corrected.

But I also learned that my account was listed under J. Anderson. Since Anderson is such a common name and since I have had problems in the past with mix-ups, I have been using my full name, John B.R. Anderson.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people, either because they are sloppy, stupid or both, do not list a person's name correctly.

I told your circulation department to correct my name listing. They did not as I have just received my quarterly bill for J. Anderson.

As a frequent reader of your column I am convinced that the return of the whipping post is the only answer. In cases like this, middle management is usually at fault. Somebody in your circulation department needs to be fired. I strongly suggest that you supply the head of that department with a copy of Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun.

Keep up the good work.

John B.R. Anderson

Response: Times Circulation Director J. Michael Womack apologizes for not correcting the name on your account the first time you asked and assures you that it is now correct.

Womack does not say whether a whipping post has been installed or anyone has been fired over this error.

Is that what Attila the Hun recommends?


Abracadabra! You did it!

All these months of calling and sending registered return receipt letters were to no avail when I did it. But you got the Richard Simmons Exercise Tape Division to refund my money.



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