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Haley's Pulitzer is auctioned

The Pulitzer Prize that Alex Haley won for Roots sold for $50,000 Saturday at an estate auction held to pay off debts of the late author.

A friend of Haley's bought the prize to donate to Haley's boyhood home museum in Henning, Tenn., where Haley is buried, estate lawyer Paul Coleman said. George Jewett of San Francisco won the bid.

The sale was part of the three-day auction to satisfy about $1.5-million in debts Haley left at his death in February.

Haley received his Pulitzer in 1977 for fiction for Roots: The Saga of an American Family, an international best seller that later became a television miniseries seen by 130-million viewers.

The Jewett Family Foundation also bought two African masks and a glass frame containing two unopened sardine cans and 18 cents _ all that Haley told people he had before the success of Roots.

The masks sold for $2,000. The sardines for $10,000.