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Madonna video too hot for NBC

Madonna's Erotica video won't be broadcast on NBC's Friday Night Videos or shown on a giant screen at Times Square because its bondage imagery was deemed too racy.

The video debuted Friday on MTV. It includes Madonna using whips and chains, kissing women and performing oral sex on a doll.

Friday Night Videos won't show the five-minute video, but it will report on it, producer Pearl Lieberman said. "It's very stimulating," he said.

Sony panned radio station Z-100's plan to show the video on the Times Square screen, which Sony owns, because of its content, said Steve Kingston, the station's program director.

The video is running on The Box, a national, viewer-programed music cable channel. "It's a very well-produced video," said Vincent Monsey, its president.

MTV doesn't think Erotica is too hot to handle _ at least late at night. It showed the complete video at midnight.