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Nicknames show furniture use

Nicknames for furniture are not uncommon. The correct name for a special type of wooden chair is Windsor, but to many it is a "Firehouse Windsor." The name became popular about 1910 because that particular chair _ a low-back chair with arms, heavy spindles and turned legs _ was often used by volunteer fire companies as well as lodges, hotels and other businesses.

A similar chair was made in England. These chairs are known as "pub" or "smoker's bow" chairs because they were used in public houses, saloons, offices and club smoking rooms. The English version has more elaborately turned legs and arms. Both types of Windsors are so sturdy and so comfortable that they are still being made today.

Swedish vase

Question: My unusual pitcher or vase has names scratched on the bottom. I think they say "Boda" and "Avistlol, Albt, Vallicn." The vase is pink, green and blue. It has very modern lines.

Answer: Kosta Boda is a Swedish glassworks. The original firm was founded in 1742, but today's collectors prize the works of the 1920s-1950s. The most famous of the recent designers working for Kosta is Vicke Lindstrand, who started there in 1950. Another designer, Bertil Vallien, worked there from 1963. Perhaps Vallien is the maker of your vase.

Current prices

Shelley China cup and saucer, violets: $20.

Lone Ranger wallet, 1940s: $40.

Toy drum, tin, Noah's Ark, animals pictured: $110.

Cast-iron doorstop, seated dog, glass eyes, old black paint, red and gold collar, 13{ in.: $125.

Tuthill Intaglio compote: $175.

Ring, 18K yellow and white gold, figural animal, small diamonds and rubies in 18K gold, signed "SR": $302.

DRGM doll, girl, bisque head, open-close eyes, open mouth, composition body, blue dress, 24 in.: $385.

Tiffany Studios magnifying glass, Bookmark pattern, gilt bronze, 8} in. length: $825.

Limbert dining table, oak, circular top on octagonal section base, 54 in. diameter: $1,100.

Handel boudoir lamp, Poppy, domed Teroma glass shade, yellow interior, 4 pink poppies, single socket, 14 in.: $3,190.

Prices may vary in different locations because of the conditions of the economy.

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