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Spark plug stew leaves bad taste

It could be the first rule in the car repair cookbook: Never, ever stew spark plugs. Claude Fleury didn't read the recipe, but he knows the rule now. He was repairing a car and figured the best way to get carbon off the plugs was to throw them in a pot, add a dash of oil, and turn up the flame. Bad move. "I've heard of some strange causes of fires," said Lt. Mark Lewis, "but I've never heard of someone cooking auto parts on a gas stove." Fleury put the parts on to simmer in the kitchen, then went out to lunch, leaving his children, 1, 4 and 11, in the house. Said neighbor Lois Shepard: "I heard this big boom." She pulled the children outside and waited for firefighters. The kitchen was singed, but no one was hurt. Another chef, uh, mechanic, Frank Sarantidis, advised that one does not deep-fry spark plugs. "Oh no, no, no. I've fried french fries and chicken, but not spark plugs, not in oil. You don't cook them."

14-year-old to be

tried as adult

JACKSONVILLE _ A freshman accused of shooting his girlfriend at Englewood High School will stand trial as an adult and could face life in prison if convicted of attempted first-degree murder. Kelvin McBride, 14, was indicted by a Duval County grand jury Thursday for allegedly shooting his 15-year-old girlfriend in the back with a semiautomatic pistol Sept. 15. Witnesses said they had argued about her walking with another youth.