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Tracking poll puts Perot decidedly behind

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Ross Perot's re-entry into the presidential race scrambled the polling picture.

But according to one poll, the Texan began his late-starting presidential campaign Thursday as a decided underdog.

A national tracking poll by the Cable News Network and USA Today showed Democrat Bill Clinton with 52 percent support, President Bush with 35 percent and Perot with just 7 percent. The poll began Monday and about 1,050 registered voters were surveyed by phone over three days. It has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Perot's 7 percent was his lowest showing in recent national polls. CNN reported that 72 percent of their respondents said there was "no chance" they would vote for him.

In contrast, just 32 percent said there was no chance they would vote for Clinton and 48 percent said there was no chance they would vote for Bush, CNN said.

Perot also had the highest unfavorable rating of the three presidential candidates, 66 percent, compared with Bush's 56 percent and Clinton's 38 percent, CNN said.

The network plans to continue its tracking poll through the election. Since the sample from any one night would be too small to be reliable, each day's results will be a fresh three-day average.