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Abortion foes link up in protest

If the Chain of Life rally, with a string of people standing along one of Inverness' busiest roads Sunday afternoon and holding signs reading "Abortion Kills Children," was designed to draw attention to the issue, it succeeded.

Every few seconds, passers-by would either toot their horns in apparent agreement or roll down their windows and shout their disapproval at the nearly 400 ralliers.

The hourlong rally along U.S. 41 in Inverness was different from other rallies in that the people did not form one tight group or march in a circle, but rather made a line stretching west more than a mile from State Road 44 E.

Many of the people on the route were members of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Inverness. There was no major counter-demonstration.

"I see the young people passing by, even if they're not Catholic, it doesn't matter," said Rocco DiSario, the music director and organist at Our Lady of Fatima.

"It's the younger people that are going to keep the church going; that's what it's all about."

"It's not just a Catholic issue," DiSario said. "It's a people issue."

Brad Lynd of Homosassa handed out fliers for WXJC-FM, a Christian radio station serving Citrus County.

Lynd, who attends the Christian Progression Center in Homosassa, said he agreed with the rally's message even though he did not carry a sign.

"I don't feel that a woman should have an abortion," he said. "If you take the chance (by having sex), you should have the baby. . . . I guess I consider myself a political activist."