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Going home to Lake Wobegon

It has been quiet in Lake Wobegon since Garrison Keillor left. But the tall, soft-spoken writer who gave voice to the town and its denizens is coming home.

On Saturday, Keillor plans to return from his five-year, self-imposed exile from Minnesota, stand on the stage of the World Theater in St. Paul and begin his monologue: "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon . . ."

Keillor ended his celebrated radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, and left St. Paul in 1987 after angry exchanges with the Twin Cities news media, which he accused of invading his privacy by, among other things, publishing the address and purchase price of his house.

He has spent time in New York City and in Denmark, his wife's native country.

After Saturday, about half of Keillor's shows will originate in St. Paul.

Keillor plans to live in a log cabin on 80 acres near River Falls, Wis., east of St. Paul.