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Mozambique, rebel leader sign cease-fire

Mozambique's government and rightist rebels signed a formal cease-fire Sunday, ending 16 years of civil war that took 600,000 lives. The accord, and the free elections to come in one year, would formally end the last shooting war of a region where ethnic and political tensions escalated into Cold War conflicts. The cease-fire signed by President Joaquim Chissano and Renamo rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama will go into effect once the Mozambique national assembly ratifies it.

Kuwait holding historic election today

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait _ Kuwait on Monday holds its first national election since the Persian Gulf War, reopening a 30-year-old battle between the political opposition and the emirate's ruling family over how democratic the nation will be. Only men can vote in the election for the 50-seat Parliament.

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SAROS BAY, Turkey _ An unidentified American sailor was killed Sunday when he was struck by helicopter blades during NATO military exercises, an official said. The accident came three days after a Turkish warship was hit by a missile fired from the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, killing five Turkish sailors.

VERSAILLES, France _ A man taking a helicopter flying lesson pulled a gun on his teacher and forced him to pluck three inmates from the yard of a prison near Paris on Sunday.