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Today's topic: Introducing

Published Oct. 12, 2005

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Name: Shirley Foster

City: Inverness

Originally From: Baltimore, came to Florida at age 2.

Found Citrus County: I moved to Citrus County because I wanted to live in a small town.

Family: Married, has one grown daughter, Darlene Huffman.

Occupation: Owner of the Furniture and Antique Exchange in Inverness. Before moving to Inverness, I owned an antique shop in Homosassa.

I'd Rather Be Doing: Actually, it's a pleasure to have a job that I love. If I'm not in my own shop, I'd rather be relaxing with my own family and friends.

Hobbies: Reading, flea markets,

auctions, and playing with my dog, Larry.

Last Book Read: Sherman's March by Burke Davis.

People Think I'm: Hard working.

I Think I'm: Dedicated to making my business successful.

If I could, I would: Convince others to open a small business in the downtown Inverness area.

My goal in life is: To keep working in the antiques field. I like being my own boss and having the chance to meet new people every day.

The last word

"How hard is it for an 18-,19-, 20-year-old to look good in a bikini? Not very. They're all over Daytona Beach."

_ Pete Hall, owner of Citrus Health and Fitness Center, lamenting the fact that female bodybuilding seems to feature more bathing beauties than true bodybuilding.