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At a glance

Here are highlights of other developments Monday as lawmakers drew closer to the adjournment expected today of the 102nd Congress:

Energy bill: The House approved a sweeping energy bill that would promote conservation, restructure the electric utility industry and make it easier to build nuclear power plants. The legislation passed 363-60, but immediately ran into problems in the Senate.

Foreign aid: Congress passed and sent to President Bush a foreign aid bill that offers $10-billion in loan guarantees for Israel and provides $14-billion in cash aid to U.S. friends and allies. The bill, approved 312-105 by the House and by voice vote in the Senate, also provides aid to the former Soviet republics and eliminates outright military grants to NATO allies that had been on the front lines in the Cold War.

Defense bill: The House and Senate passed by voice vote a $250-billion defense spending bill for the 12 months that began Thursday. It earmarks $3.8-billion for the Strategic Defense Initiative anti-missile system; Bush had asked for $5.4-billion. The bill was sent to the White House.

Fetal tissue: Majority Democrats in the Senate abandoned efforts to lift the government's ban on paying for fetal tissue transplant research. Use of transplanted human fetal tissue has shown some promise in treatment of such disorders as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and spinal cord injuries.

Legislative appropriations: Congress sent the White House a $2.3-billion measure financing Congress' operations for the new fiscal year that began Thursday. The measure is $29-million less than was spent last year. Dropped was a provision approved by the Senate that would have sliced 15 percent off Congress' budget over the next three years.