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Bush blasts Clinton on NAFTA stance

President Bush on Monday said rival Bill Clinton comes down "on all sides of every issue" and pointed to the Democrat's stance on a new free-trade agreement as an example.

Bush referred to the recently negotiated North American Free Trade Agreement. The pact will be initialed Wednesday in Texas by the trade representatives of the United States, Mexico and Canada, with Bush scheduled to witness the ceremony.

"Once upon a time he said he was for NAFTA," Bush told a rally in historic Dover Green. "Then the labor bosses told him they were against it so he said he wasn't sure he was for it or against it.

"Now he's looked at the polls and he sees the American people want NAFTA, so just yesterday he said he's for it," the president said.

Clinton on Sunday endorsed the agreement, which establishes the United States, Canada and Mexico as the world's largest free trade zone. Clinton also said additional steps should be taken to ensure the protection of U.S. jobs and the environment as the agreement is implemented.

The three countries will initial the agreement in San Antonio, but it cannot be signed by the United States until Congress has time to review it.

Bush flew by helicopter to Delaware, which has just three electoral votes, and, after his speech, had lunch with 75 contributors who paid $1,000 each for the privilege.

Bush's speech had been billed in advance as focusing on health care for children, but the president instead criticized Clinton's record in Arkansas on issues affecting children.