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In practice, Spring Hill deeds are not restrictive

Editor: Spring Hill: a deed restricted community?

Restricted from what? The home auto repair business in a residential neighborhood on Spring Hill Drive? The lawn mower and saw sharpening shop on Elgin Boulevard with a sign in front of the garage? The locksmith trucks on Waterfall Drive? The speed shop and overhaul and repair business on W Linden Drive?

Who has the responsibility of enforcing these deed restrictions? Is it the responsibility of the Spring Hill Civic Association? Or the Hernando County Sheriff's Office? Or is it the county Department of Code Enforcement?

On second thought, don't call the Code Enforcement Department. They can't even find Spring Hill. I know because I have called.

Spring Hill is such a beautiful place to live; it is too bad it is becoming run-down by a few thoughtless residents.

Something should be done about enforcing these deed restrictions, or we should remove the signs that state "Spring Hill, A Deed-Restricted Community."

Edward Graham

Spring Hill

Fire, Rescue budget raises concern

Editor: The recent Times article reporting on the budget meeting of the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District would be funny if these were not such serious times.

The presentation of the fiscal 1992-93 budget for the district was only that. The die was cast and no changes were to be made. How, in a time of economic distress such as we are going through, can a group that purports itself to be responsible to the public and expects the voters to give it a non-supervised status (permanent independence) make such statements as (a) no raises for non-union employees; (b) agree to maintain a millage rate of 2.75 (that's all there is!), and; (c) allocate $300,000 for construction when the only need that has been expressed in the past year has been improvement of station No. 1 and office space for the new financial officer?

Lean, mean budget indeed! The $5.06-million budget accounts for the entire income for 1992, including a carry-over from previous years. To me, "lean" means judiciously cutting corners in areas other than the salaries of non-union employees.

If this district is granted permanent independence, it will most likely find sources that will further increase income revenues. I have spoken before about the need of the administration of the district to show responsibility to the taxpayer.

Presentation of this budget, that will surely increase next year, and a recent statement by a firefighter accusing an unnamed county commissioner of intending to fire firefighters, are not my idea of mature management and the capability of independently running an organization such as the Spring Hill Fire and Rescue District.

Roland J. Olsberg

Spring Hill

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