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Military funeral held for 5 Turkish sailors

Turkey held a military funeral Monday for five sailors killed by a missile launched in error from a U.S. aircraft carrier during NATO war games. The funeral was at the Golcuk naval base on the Sea of Marmara where the destroyer Muavenet was towed after a missile accidentally launched from the carrier USS Saratoga tore into its bridge Friday, killing the captain and four crew.

Inquiry sought in prison riot deaths

SAO PAULO, Brazil _ Relatives began claiming bodies of loved ones killed in a riot in Latin America's largest prison, and human rights activists on Monday demanded a full inquiry into what they said was a massacre by police. Sao Paulo state security director Pedro Franco de Campo said the final death toll at Carandiru Prison was 111 after a fight between gangs Friday that turned into a bloody siege. But others disagreed, saying the number of dead was much higher. Franco said an investigation would be made.

Gorbachev fined for refusing to testify

MOSCOW _ Russia's highest court fined ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on Monday for refusing to testify about the activities of the former Communist Party, the Itar-Tass news agency reported. It said Constitutional Court Chairman Valery Zorkin imposed the maximum fine of 100 rubles _ 30 cents _ for not appearing. The court is considering the legality of the party itself and of a ban imposed on it by Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Palestinians barred during Yom Kippur

JERUSALEM _ Israel will bar entry by Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip for 48 hours beginning 4 a.m. Tuesday during Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. The holiday begins at sunset today and ends at sunset Wednesday.

Rabbi rules diet pills don't violate fast

JERUSALEM _ Appetite suppressants do not contradict the requirement that Jews suffer over the Yom Kippur fast, Israel radio quoted a Tel Aviv rabbi as ruling Monday. Jews are forbidden by religious law from eating or drinking on Yom Kippur. According to tradition, the afflictions of the fast accentuate the individual's atonement. Rabbi Yona Metzger ruled Jews may take appetite suppressant pills before the fast if they think they could not resist eating.

Runoff required for Romania president

BUCHAREST, Romania _ President Ion Iliescu and his main opponent in last week's presidential elections have been forced into a runoff because no candidate received an outright majority, final results released Sunday showed. But Iliescu, head of the Democratic National Salvation Front, was comfortably ahead with 47 percent of the vote, results from the six-way election showed. His main rival, Emil Constantinescu of the Democratic Convention coalition, won 31 percent.

Elsewhere . . .

WASHINGTON _ The Bush administration has given Israel an open-ended pledge of $1.8-billion a year in military aid to help balance the sale of 72 jet fighter planes to Saudi Arabia, the State Department said Monday.

MOSCOW _ The Estonian parliament chose free-marketeer Lennart Meri as the first post-Soviet president of the tiny Baltic republic Monday, defeating popular favorite and ex-communist leader Arnold Ruutel. The result essentially reverses last month's presidential election when Ruutel defeated Meri by 41.8 percent to 29.5 percent.