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The saga of S.F.'s offer

With baseball's blessing, the group trying to keep the Giants from moving to Tampa Bay has gone more than a month without making an offer for the team. Here is a chronology of the group's activities:

Sept. 4 _ North Carolina millionaire George Shinn and two San Francisco area businessmen announce they and several others will bid for the team after consulting with the National League.

Sept. 8 _ All eyes are on the baseball owners meetings in St. Louis, where a decision might be made on Tampa Bay's $115-million offer for the Giants. But the owners urge patience, saying they can't decide that quickly.

Sept. 9 _ National League president Bill White says a "competitive" San Francisco bid will be considered along with the Tampa Bay offer, buying time for San Francisco. Mayor Frank Jordan's reaction: "Fabulous."

Sept. 10 _ San Francisco officials say an offer will come within a week. Shinn says he could assemble a bid in a day, if it were just him.

Sept. 14 _ The San Francisco Board of Supervisors votes to protect the investors from lawsuits related to the deal. The investors also work on giving the same protection to baseball. After that, baseball will release the Giants' books so the group can see what it's buying before making an offer.

Sept. 17 _ It's been seven days since San Francisco officials predicted a bid in a week. Shinn promises one within days and plans to be in San Francisco the next week to complete the deal.

Sept. 22 _ Jordan says things are "moving rapidly to a conclusion," but there's still no Shinn and no bid.

Sept. 24 _ Baseball decides to check the backgrounds of the investors before it will hand over the books _ another delay.

Sept. 27 _ Shinn has still not come to San Francisco since the group was announced, but says he will before week's end.

Sept. 29 _ White and three baseball owners travel to San Francisco to see what's delaying the bid. They give the group "another week or so." The background checks are complete and the books are given to the investors. Vincent Naimoli, the leader of Tampa Bay's group, grows impatient and says he may withdraw his bid.

Oct. 1 _ Naimoli agrees to wait another week. Lurie's informal deadline for selling the team comes and goes with no bid from San Francisco.

Oct. 5 _ Shinn comes to San Francisco to meet with his partners.

Oct. 6 _ Jordan promises a bid by Friday.

_ Times researcher Kitty Bennett contributed to this report.