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Fischer wins, takes 6-3 lead in chess match

Bobby Fischer, using a defense that helped him beat Boris Spassky in a key game 20 years ago, defeated his old rival again Wednesday to take a 6-3 lead in their $5-million chess rematch.

Spassky, playing white in Game 16, opened with his usual d4, and Fischer responded with the Benoni Defense for the first time in the match.

Fischer used the Benoni against Spassky in Game 3 of their 1972 world championship match, when he was down 2-0. Fischer won the game and went on to take the match and the title.

On Wednesday, the opening evolved into the King's Indian Defense.

Experts initially saw Fischer's sacrifice of a knight for a pawn on the ninth move as an innovation. But Fischer called it "an old opening trap, 20 or 25 years or more old."

Spassky got into severe time pressure late in the game and resigned after Fischer's 34th move.

The first player to score 10 victories wins the match. The next game is scheduled today.

Game 16

Spassky Fischer

(White) (Black)

1. d4 Nf6

2. c4 c5

3. d5 d6

4. Nc3 g6

5. e4 Bg7

6. Bg5 h6

7. Bh4 g5

8. Bg3 Qa5

9. Bd3 Nxe4

10. Bxe4 Bxc3+

11. bxc3 Qxc3+

12. Kf1 f5

13. Rc1 Qf6

14. h4 g4

15. Bd3 f4

16. Ne2 fxg3

17. Nxg3 Rf8

18. Rc2 Nd7

19. Qxg4 Ne5

20. Qe4 Bd7

21. Kg1 O-O-O

22. Bf1 Rg8

23. f4 Nxc4

24. Nh5 Qf7

25. Qxc4 Qxh5

26. Rb2 Rg3

27. Be2 Qf7

28. Bf3 Rdg8

29. Qb3 b6

30. Qe3 Qf6

31. Re2 Bb5

32. Rd2 e5

33. dxe6(ep) Bc6

34. Kf1 Bxf3

White resigns