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Lodato announces third try for City Council seat

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Computer repairman Phil Lodato says he's no quitter and that is why, even though he's lost two previous bids for a City Council seat, he announced plans Wednesday to seek again a seat in the December election.

Lodato, who turns 65 next week and has lived in the city for 22 years, said he wants to run because he's learned much about city operations and issues in the past year since he lost to Sharon Weaver.

This year, two council seats are open and neither incumbent is running, because council members Frank Schiraldi and Sid Kennedy are both running for County Commission and had to resign.

While Lodato doesn't know which seat he will run for, he said he is eager to put his years of business experience and interest in people to work for him as a council member.

"I've really gotten a lot more involved with the city and I want to help the city. I want to work with the city," Lodato said. "I've been in business now for 42 years, and I know how to take care of business. I know how to show a profit."

He said he wants to complete the water and sewer improvements and bring more business inside the city limits. Lodato also said he hopes to work closely with City Manager Merv Waldrop and maintain an "open door" policy of talking to residents to learn their needs.

Other details of his platform will be released closer to the election, he said.

In addition to the two council seats up for grabs on Dec. 8, the mayor's job is also on the ballot. Curtis Rich announced late last week he is seeking his second term as mayor.

The jobs pay $400 per month. Formal qualifying for the council and mayor's seats runs from noon Oct. 26 through noon Oct. 30.