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"Angel Street' is fall's first casualty

CBS's Angel Street has become the first casualty of the fall television season.

After three broadcasts, the one-hour police drama starring Robin Givens and Pamela Gidley has been removed from the schedule, the network said earlier this week. Remaining episodes will be seen sometime later in the season.

CBS will wait until after baseball playoffs and the World Series to fill Angel Street's 10 p.m. time slot.

Fox to air the three

presidential debates


Washington Post

Fox Broadcasting announced Tuesday it will broadcast the three presidential debates live this month but will forgo the vice-presidential debate, which is scheduled for next Tuesday night.

Fox, carrying the debates for the first time in its five-year history, will air Sunday night's broadcast from St. Louis, starting at 7 p.m.; the Thursday, Oct. 15, debate from Richmond at 9; and the Monday, Oct. 19, debate from East Lansing, Mich., starting at 7 (even though Fox does not normally broadcast on Monday nights, it will feed the telecast to its affiliates).

Fox's strategy paying off


Los Angeles Times

Fox Broadcasting stunned the TV world two years ago when it decided to challenge NBC's The Cosby Show with The Simpsons.

The strategy was simple: Try to weaken the foundation of NBC's strongest night and, when the aging Cosby Show retired, have the hit Fox series solidly in place _ ready to build on.

This fall, the strategy looks particularly good.

Even before The Cosby Show called it quits last season, The Simpsons was already winning with some frequency in the head-on competition.

And early in this new season, Bart & Family have been soundly beating the series that NBC chose to replace the Cosby sitcom, A Different World, in leading off Thursday nights.

In the battle for this key night, Cheers and Wings thus far are still holding NBC together in the second hour of prime time.

But CBS's Top Cops also fared well last week in the ratings competition that includes The Simpsons, A Different World and ABC's slipping new Delta series.

Spielberg to produce series

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES _ Steven Spielberg will produce a big-budget, underwater adventure series called Sea Quest for NBC, the network announced.

The show will star Roy Scheider as Capt. Nathan Bridger, leader of a multinational, deep-sea exploration team working in the year 2018.

NBC has ordered 22 episodes of Sea Quest, which is to air in 1993.

Spielberg, who has directed such films as Jaws and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, produced the television series Amazing Stories for NBC from 1985 to 1987.