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Jerry takes Mick, affairs and all

Over 15 years, Jerry Hall says, she has learned to live with Mick Jagger's affairs.

"There's nothing more humiliating than loving him so much that you accept the infidelities," she said in the November issue of McCall's magazine.

"But I've always hoped that one day he'll outgrow these things, and it won't happen again. You know, we always live in hope. And time always heals."

Hall, 34, temporarily split with the 49-year-old Jagger last summer over his indiscretions.

"I suppose some people are very lucky and they've found true love, there have never been any third parties," she said. "But I've never had a relationship like that."

Oral Roberts recovering from heart procedure: Televangelist Oral Roberts was hospitalized in stable condition Wednesday after undergoing an emergency medical procedure to clear an artery.

Roberts, 74, is expected to remain hospitalized in Newport Beach, Calif., for about a week.

Roberts' son, evangelist Richard Roberts, said in a statement that his father began experiencing chest pain after appearing on a national live television show Tuesday night at Trinity Broadcast Network in Tustin, Calif.

Doctors inserted a balloon catheter into a blocked artery and then expanded it to allow blood to flow. The procedure was called a success.