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Search for bodies in El Al crash ends

The search for bodies at the El Al crash site ended Thursday, four days after the airliner tore into an apartment complex. Officials confirmed a death toll of 50, but they stressed that a much higher number of people remain missing, most likely forever. A formal list of the missing is to be issued today. "In a disaster of this type it is highly likely that human bodies have been subjected to forces which render (them) irretrievable," said Anthony Busuttil, a forensic pathologist who investigated the explosion of a Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.

Drug lord's aides

give up in Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia _ Fugitive drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar's brother and two other associates surrendered to authorities Thursday, Caracol radio reported. The surrenders raised expectations that Escobar, head of the Medellin cartel, would soon turn himself in. The three escaped with Escobar from a luxury prison in Medellin on July 22 during a government attempt to transfer them to a higher security prison.

Brazil official fired

after prison riot

SAO PAULO, Brazil _ The governor of Sao Paulo has fired the state's security director after accusations that police summarily executed prisoners during a bloody prison riot, the governor's press office said Thursday. Pedro Franco de Campos was fired Wednesday in response to pressure from human rights groups that accused police of summarily killing more than 100 inmates in Sao Paulo's Carandiru prison. Campos ordered more than 300 heavily armed riot troopers to raid a five-story prison cell block after a fight broke out between rival gangs.

U.S. says Savimbi

will accept defeat

WASHINGTON _ Senior aides to Jonas Savimbi have assured the United States that the Angolan rebel leader will accept the results of his country's elections and not resume the civil war, President Bush's top Africa adviser said Thursday. Reports from Angola said Savimbi, secluded in a stronghold of his UNITA party more than 300 miles from the capital, was holding out against international pressure to accept election defeat. But Assistant Secretary of State Herman Cohen, referring to the chance of renewed warfare, said UNITA knows "that this is an impossible procedure. There will be absolutely no support in the international community or internally for such an operation."

Elsewhere . . .

LIMA, Peru _ Peru's security forces were put on high alert for retaliatory attacks Thursday after military courts sentenced the founder of the Shining Path guerrilla group to life in prison for treason. Suspected guerrillas threw incendiary bombs into a amusement center in San Isidro late Wednesday, injuring five people.

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia _ The 17th game of the chess rematch between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky was postponed Thursday after Spassky complained of exhaustion.

HAMBURG, Germany _ Mathias Rust, who flew a plane past Soviet defenses into Red Square in 1987, was ordered Thursday to begin a 2{-year prison sentence for attempted manslaughter. Rust, 24, was convicted in 1991 of stabbing and seriously injuring an 18-year-old nurse trainee when she resisted his romantic advances. He had been free on appeal.

BONN _ Germany's Parliament voted overwhelmingly Thursday for a resolution that condemns violence against foreigners, and the government said it would try to curb rightists with tougher police surveillance and possibly bans on neo-Nazi groups.

LONDON _ Two bombs exploded in London late Thursday near train stations in what police described as a wave of attacks by the Irish Republican Army. One person was slightly injured in the blasts, which followed similar attacks Wednesday that the IRA said were a gesture of defiance against Prime Minister John Major's government.