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Woman sentenced for bilking elderly

A Pensacola woman was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing land from an elderly amputee and cancer victim she had taken into her home.

Circuit Judge Nickolas Geeker rejected a defense request Wednesday that Marsha Simmons, 47, be placed on probation because she has a son, 12.

"This case typifies the plight of the elderly," said Geeker, who ordered a 12-year term but suspended seven years of it.

Ms. Simmons was convicted in August on 35 counts, including exploitation of an elderly person, dealing in stolen property and grand theft.

At her trial, Ms. Simmons denied exploiting Robert Busbee, 79, by selling his 40 acres of land for more than $115,000 and spending the proceeds. She blamed the swindle on her late husband, Louis Cobb, and her stepson, Nathan Cobb.

Nathan Cobb pleaded no contest and was put on probation.