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5-0 team blanks opponents 193-0

For the first five weeks of its season, the Hahnville High School football team has been about as perfect as a team can be.

The record? 5-0.

The scoreboard tally? 193-0.

"It's a fun thing right now," coach Darren Barbier said. "But we're not hanging our hats on it. It's unrealistic to believe we can go the whole season without allowing a point and we keep telling the players that."

It could all change Friday night when Hahnville takes on Destrehan, a team averaging 29.6 points per game so far this season.

"The most important thing is to win the game," Barbier said. "And if we win 7-3, we'll be happy."

Barbier said he continually stresses winning, and not the streak, when addressing his players, and the squad seems to be listening.

"As long as we go 10-0, I don't care about the streak," senior linebacker Kenny Dempster said.

Hahnville has always been known for its tough defense, but Barbier says this year's squad, under the direction of defensive coordinator Jon-Paul Lacque, has come out of nowhere.

"Usually there's one of two guys people recognize," Barbier said. "This year there are no stars, no big names. It's somebody different doing it every week. Everybody can make a big play."