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Tampa General Hospital

Jimenez, Maria, Dover, a boy, Alexis Trejo, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Johnson, Vanessa and Eric, Tampa, a girl, Ashley Shenay, Sunday, Sept. 13.

Logan, Kathleen, Tampa, a boy, Jacob Tyler, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Milledge, Angela, Tampa, a girl, RyKeasia Georgamae, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Plant City, a boy, Alan, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Oglesby, Selena, Tampa, a boy, Darrel Lee, Sunday, Sept. 13.

Ortiz, Mary Jane, Tampa, a boy, Leonardo Jacinto, Monday, Sept. 14.

Padro, Mr. and Mrs. Juan, Lakeland, a girl, Klarissa Marielle, Monday, Sept. 14.

Pelaez, Cheryl and Rudy, Tampa, a girl, Nicole Cozzetta, Monday, Sept. 4.

Pickens, Caroline, Tampa, a girl, Precious Danielle, Monday, Sept. 14.

Regino, Norma, Tampa, a girl, Magdalena, Saturday, Sept. 19.

Reiger, Dawn, Tampa, a girl, Brandee Sha'rie, Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Richards, Kimberly and Lloyd Dumas, Tampa, a girl, Amanda Marie, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Rodriguez, Susana and Ovilio, Tampa, a girl, Annette Susana, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Rodriguez, Claudia and Noe' Longoria, Wimauma, a boy, Jose Adam, Thursday, Sept. 17.

Ross, Leslie, Tampa, a boy, Joseph-Claude Agyeman, Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Sails, Angela, Tampa, a girl, Laquetta Latoya, Thursday, Sept. 17.

Sanchez, Gloria and Jaime, Tampa, a girl, Ana Veronica, Monday, Sept. 14.

Scott, Lisa and William, Tampa, a girl, Amanda Nicole, Monday, Sept. 14.

Smith, Denise, Tampa, a girl, Kimberly Denise, Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Stonic, Peggy, Tampa, a boy, Adam Joseph, Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Thwaites, Donna, Tampa, a girl, Ashley Debbie, Saturday, Sept. 19.

Valdez, Elizabeth and Sergie, Wimauma, a girl, Dolores Marilyn, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Vasser, Barbara, Tampa, a girl, Victoria Sharee, Monday, Sept. 14.

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Davis II, Tampa, a girl, Madelyne Winona, Monday, Sept. 14.

Williams, Jacquelyn and Michael, Tampa, a girl, Jala Morgan Carrie Francine, Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Wilson, Michelle and Ronald, Plant City, a boy, Thomas Kyle, Thursday, Sept. 17.

Young, Belinda, Tampa, a girl, DeYonna Marcia, Monday, Sept. 21.

Humana Women's Hospital _ Tampa

Alcala, Leslie and Louis, Tampa, a boy, Dereck Joseph, Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Barcelo, Maria and John, Tampa, a girl, Victoria Marie, Monday, Aug. 17.

Beeler, Mitzi and Paul, Tampa, a girl, Lindsey Marie, Wednesday, Aug. 19

Berry, Patricia and Andrew, Tampa, a girl, Leanna Kristen, Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Brown, Teri and Tony, Tampa, a boy, Eric Anthony, Monday, Aug. 17.

Connelly, Kim and Todd, Tampa, a girl, Danielle Katherine, Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Dunham, Teresa and Graylin McKellum, Tampa, a boy, Gericho Devaughn, Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Durnan, Nicole, and Bryan, Tampa, a girl, Brianna Alexis, Aug. 17.

Fattore, Pam and Lou, Tampa, a girl, Rachel Anne, Monday, Aug. 17.

Guthrie, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Tampa, a girl, Kyla Renae, Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Hane, Janet and Harry Jr., Tampa, a boy, Zachary Aaron, Monday, Aug. 17.

Harrigan, Lorriane, Tampa, a girl, Nykita Symone, Thursday, Aug. 20.

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Tampa, a girl, Katherine Ashley, Tuesday, Aug. 18.