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FBI: Case closed on Clinton files

The FBI said Friday it found "no evidence of tampering" at the State Department with Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton's passport files.

In a brief, unsigned statement, the FBI said it "is satisfied that all logical investigation has been completed. No further investigation is contemplated at this time."

FBI officials declined further comment when asked if earlier reports were true that several pages were missing from Clinton's passport files.

The issue arose when Newsweek magazine reported this week that several pages appeared to have been ripped out of Clinton's passport records from the 1960s and 1970s. The discovery was reported to have been made by State Department officials who looked at the files in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from news organizations.

Newsweek speculated that pages of Clinton's file could have been destroyed by an official or low-level bureaucrat sympathetic to Clinton. Or they could have been removed by a Bush supporter who wanted to make it look as if incriminating documents had been removed.

The State Department asked the Justice Department to investigate, and the matter then was turned over to the FBI.

The investigation took on particular significance because of questions President Bush raised this week about Clinton's activities in opposing the war in Vietnam.

Clinton said Bush is trying to divert attention from issues such as the economy.

As for Clinton's passport files, the Bush and Clinton campaigns both denied any knowledge of any missing pages.