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Jeb Bush campaigns for dad, GOP

Jeb Bush swung through Pinellas County on Friday bearing a message for everyone he saw.

Vote for his dad, George Bush.

"I believe it is critical this year that we re-elect George Bush," he said. "I think we need to have a president that has worked and can lead our country through these uncharted waters."

Bush, the president's second son, was making his tour through Pinellas County on behalf of other Republican candidates, as well.

Bush told an audience at the Marriott Stratford Court, a luxury apartment complex for senior citizens, that his father has been tested under fire and in different jobs. Democratic candidate Bill Clinton does not know what it is like to do anything else but be a politician, he said.

"He has either worked on a campaign or run for office his entire adult life," Bush said Friday. "As you go out into the uncharted waters, think of the risk that we would have as a nation."

Bush also stressed the Republican Party's and his father's significance in the fall of communism. America was the leader in the "righteous crusade" that helped topple it, he said.

"Because of this leadership, our children can go to sleep at night without having missiles pointed at any American city," Bush said.

Bush was slated to visit a few other places in Pinellas County through the day, stumping for Republican congressional candidates Sandra Mortham and Sandy Safley.

Bush put in a plug for voting Republican to the Stratford audience of nearly 100. It is frustrating for the president to try to get his agenda through when the majority of Congress is made up of people ideologically opposed to him, Bush said.

The audience politely received Bush's speech. Many, like Betty Stohrer, said they had already made up their minds to support the president in this year's election.

"I realize the situation that Bush is in with the Senate and the House," she said. "He can't spend money unless they give him the change."

Not everyone was convinced the country needed Bush. Harold Miles thought Jeb Bush was charming and personable, but he still wasn't going to vote for his father.

"I think that the son talks a lot more sense than the father," Miles said. "I still remember George Bush saying he'll do anything to get re-elected. My decision is pretty well set."