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Missing massage table turns up

The mystery of the missing massage table is solved.

An employee of the Holiday Inn on Ulmerton Road cracked the case after reading a Times story about President Bush's recent visit and a massage therapist who couldn't find her portable table.

It all started when Abbi Bliss of the Stress Relief Clinic was called to give Bush a massage while he was in the Tampa Bay area last week. After he chose to relax with a movie instead, Bliss was told to retrieve her table the next day.

Five days later, she still didn't have it. She called the hotel, talked to the Secret Service and called the Republican Party. Bush's campaign staff in Washington searched far and wide.

Turns out it was in the office of Kara Skelley, the hotel's front office manager, apparently the only person who knew its whereabouts.

Bliss picked up the table Friday.

But Bush's campaign staff was annoyed that their candidate had been accused, even if it did appear to be an honest mistake. "People were not too happy, especially since the table was at the hotel all along," said Sally Herrell, executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida.