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Published Oct. 12, 2005

HD: Land for peace in the Middle East

The views of the presidential candidates on the question: Should Israel be encouraged to give up some or all occupied territories to the Arabs in return for recognition of Israel by its Arab neighbors and guarantees of peace in the Middle East?

Bush: "As the United States made clear in Madrid, all parties need to focus on the three key issues of the negotiations: land, peace and security. The United States is prepared to accept whatever the parties themselves find acceptable."

Clinton: "The root cause of 45 years of unrest in the Middle East has been the refusal of the Arab nations to recognize Israel's sovereignty and her right to exist. To build the feeling of security, I have called for . . . an end to the illegal Arab boycott of Israel and the establishment of normal relations between Israel and its neighbors."

Perot: "Israel's long-term security and overall stability in the Middle East depends on the successful resolution of an Arab-Israeli peace agreement from which all parties benefit. We must continue to work tirelessly with all governments of the region to reach a lasting peace."