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While family waits in jail, home robbed

On Tuesday, three members of the Boschen family were arrested in connection with one of the most elaborate drug-trafficking schemes in Hernando County's history.

Within two days, while Raymond and Barbara Boschen and their daughter Sharlett were in the county jail, someone broke into their home on Fayetteville Drive.

A sheriff's report shows that between 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and 2:50 p.m. Thursday, a burglar shattered the master bathroom window, climbed through and then stole jewelry, a compact-disc player and cassette recorder, a black pocketbook and some family photographs.

The burglar left dirt on the bathroom toilet and floor, but a deputy was unable to lift fingerprints from the broken window. However, because photos were stolen, authorities suspect that a relative might have committed the crime.

No arrest had been made by late Friday.

The family members and a person suspected of being one of their buyers were arrested after a two-month sheriff's investigation, which uncovered a lucrative marijuana-trafficking business.

The Boschens would fly to San Antonio, Texas, from Tampa, buy new luggage in Texas and then load the suitcases with marijuana purchased there, authorities said. They allegedly disguised the drugs in garbage bags and gift wrap, and cloaked the smell with coffee grounds and fabric softener sheets.

They bypassed customs officials and drug-sniffing dogs by returning to Florida via Greyhound bus, authorities said.

When investigators raided the Boschen home in Spring Hill, they seized 150 pounds of marijuana, nearly two dozen suitcases, seven handguns and rifles, four vehicles and thousands of dollars.

The Boschens, along with Sonny Trammell, who is accused of being a buyer, remained in jail late Friday.