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Judge rules Jordan must testify

Michael Jordan must testify in a money-laundering and drug trial, a federal judge has ruled in rejecting a request by the NBA superstar to submit a sworn statement.

Jordan was subpoenaed this summer to testify in the trial of convicted cocaine dealer James "Slim" Bouler. The trial starts Oct. 20 in U.S. District Court in Charlotte, according to court documents.

James Wyatt, Bouler's attorney, just wanted to take a pretrial, sworn statement from Jordan, according to court records obtained Thursday by the Charlotte Observer. But prosecutors demanded a chance to question Jordan during the trial. U.S. District Judge Robert Potter agreed, ruling that Jordan must appear.

Jordan probably will face questions about a $57,000 cashier's check that he sent to Bouler last year. The government seized that money from Bouler's bank account.

Jordan and Bouler have said the money was a loan to help Bouler build a golf driving range. U.S. Attorney Tom Ashcraft's court filings say it was a payoff for a golf gambling debt.

Jordan is not under criminal investigation. Ted Ewanciw, a spokesman for Jordan's Washington agent, would not say whether Jordan will fight the order.