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Man known as No. 1 deadbeat dad jailed

Michael Kojima, known as the U.S.'s No. 1 deadbeat dad, was arrested Saturday and is waiting extradition to California, the Salt Lake County Sheriff's department said. Kojima was nabbed by sheriff's detectives at the Salt Lake City International Airport before he boarded a flight to Denver. He was said to have been visiting friends in the Park City posh ski resort area east of Salt Lake. The California businessman has been a fugitive from justice since donating $500,000 to President Bush's re-election campaign, while allegedly owing more than $100,000 in back child support payments. Kojima, 50, was being held in the Salt Lake county jail waiting extradition to California. Officials said a court hearing was scheduled for Monday. GOP fund-raisers say they have the right to keep the donation, but have placed the money in an escrow account pending a court inquiry.

GM, union avert strike at Ind. plant

ANDERSON, Ind. _ General Motors Corp. and the United Auto Workers Union said they had reached an agreement late Friday to avert a strike at a key parts plant. The plant, part of GM's Inland Fisher Guide division, supplies exterior lighting and bumpers for virtually all the auto giant's North American assembly plants. UAW Local 663 had set a strike deadline of 10 a.m. Wednesday. An Inland Fisher Guide spokeswoman said GM agreed to add 240 jobs to the plant over a two-year period. In return, the UAW agreed to participate in quality improvement workshops, which focus on identifying and eliminating waste from specific operations and will help bring the plant's costs in line with outside suppliers.

Columbus parade called off in Denver

DENVER _ A Columbus Day parade was called off minutes before it was to begin Saturday to avoid a clash with hundreds of Native American activists, an organizer said. About 100 would-be marchers, many wearing Italian folk costumes, gathered at the state Capitol to sing and listen to speeches. After the cancellation, American Indian Movement leader Russell Means led his more than 500 supporters to a rally at Civic Center Park, where a mock, burned-out Indian village had been erected. There were no confrontations between the two groups. Means had pledged to stop the parade unless organizers removed all references to Christopher Columbus, calling the Italian explorer a mass murderer who exploited Indians.

Boy wants to dress like girl for school

ATLANTA, Ga. _ A 17-year-old boy who says he wants to be a girl is fighting school authorities who have ruled he no longer may attend classes wearing female clothes. Nicholas Ricks, who says he plans to have a sex-change operation in a few years, has stayed away from Atlanta's Tri-Cities High School for three weeks because education officials ordered that he no longer may come to school dressed as a girl. Local lawyers said the Supreme Court has ruled that students do not have unlimited rights in public schools.

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USAir says flights to resume Monday: USAir said Saturday that its machinists union had ratified a tentative contract, allowing the company to resume a full flight schedule Monday morning.

Mom accused of endangering baby with drugs: A mother whose 24-day-old baby died after allegedly ingesting breast milk tainted by narcotics has been charged with child endangerment and was being held without bail Friday, said officials in Corona, Calif. She was charged in the Aug. 7 death of her daughter.

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