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Mintages cut for Eagle coins

Perhaps inspired by the recent sellout of its limited minting of the White House commemorative silver dollar, the Mint has cut the mintages for its 1992 American Eagle Gold and Silver coins. The gold coins, which will carry Arabic numeral dates _ i.e., "1992" _ instead of the Roman dates previously used on the coins, will be on sale until Dec. 31.

Mint officials said they decided to drop the Roman dating in hopes that they could sell more of the coins as anniversary gifts. The prices of the coins will remain at 1992 levels.

Mintages for the one-tenth-ounce gold proof, which will sell for $70, were cut to 70,000 from last year's 100,000. The quarter-ounce gold, which sells for $150, has a mintage of 50,000, down from 70,000, and the half-ounce gold, which sells for $285, has been cut to 50,000 from 57,000. The one-ounce gold was also cut to 50,000, from last year's 70,000.

Silver Eagle proof dollars will continue to be offered for $23. Their mintages were cut to 500,000 from 700,000.

Based on previous sales volumes, the silver dollars should be available throughout 1993.