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Police are doing a good job, higher-ups aren't

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Editor: I have just read the letter of Roy Decker (published Oct. 1).

He is right, every word he said. The police are doing a good job, but the higher-ups are not. The good ol' boys are not. That's a good name for them. I would think the police get fed up with the higher-ups.

Drunks don't mind being booked. They get free meals, TV, goodness knows what.

I think there will be so many drunks on the road it won't be safe to drive anymore.

John Jarvis


Graham is victim of conspiracy

Editor: Citrus County Judge Gary Graham is being maligned by the "good-old-boy network" that permeates America's judicial system.

The plotters among them are the same conspirators that are in the halls of Congress and judiciary all over America.

Their overall purpose, with the help of the controlled news media, is to destroy this good, fair and honorable judge. He is being set up as an example not to rock the boat.

The overwhelming majority of voters in Citrus County approve and applaud the ethics of Judge Graham.

Roy Decker


Citrus County needs more trails

Editor: Our family enjoyed a family reunion in early September in southeastern Minnesota, where historic preservation combined with Rails to Trails to provide a perfect setting for visitors of all ages.

Old homes were beautifully restored into bed and breakfast inns. Small towns, with museums and historic districts, were joined by the Root River Trail along a scenic river. Entire families on bikes, groups of young people and older folks were all visiting the historic buildings and enjoying the 40-mile paved trail.

This mixture of outdoor walking and biking, along with historical sites, appeals to everyone from active families to more leisurely seniors. We certainly hope that Citrus County can work toward an equally inviting location for tourists.

Jim and Gert Desjardin


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