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Here's a quick glance at the presidential race in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The number of electoral votes in each state is in parentheses. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

Alabama (9): Polls show it close, elevating Perot's importance.

Alaska (3): Surprising toss-up in usual GOP stronghold.

Arizona (8): Surprising lead for Clinton.

Arkansas (6): Clinton leads comfortably at home.

California (54): Big Clinton edge in the biggest state.

Colorado (8): Clinton ahead.

Connecticut (8): Clinton leads in the polls.

Delaware (3): Surprising edge for Clinton.

District of Columbia (3): Clinton way ahead.

Florida (25): Slight GOP edge in Bush's best state in 1988.

Georgia (13): Clinton leads.

Hawaii (4): Edge to Clinton.

Idaho (4): Bush ahead, narrowly.

Illinois (22): Clinton comfortably ahead.

Indiana (12): GOP edge.

Iowa (7): GOP concedes Clinton winning.

Kansas (6): GOP concedes slight Clinton edge.

Kentucky (8): All camps agree Clinton leads.

Louisiana (9): Bush ahead, narrowly.

Maine (4): GOP chairman says Bush has "lot of ground" to make up.

Maryland (10): October poll gives Clinton big lead.

Massachusetts (12): Democratic state for Clinton.

Michigan (18): Clinton advantage in key state.

Minnesota (10): Clinton looks strong.

Mississippi (7): Narrow advantage to Bush.

Missouri (11): Clinton leads; Bush working hard.

Montana (3): Close race.

Nebraska (5): Bush ahead but Clinton may win one electoral vote.

Nevada (4): Close race.

New Hampshire (4): Bush trailing in this GOP redoubt.

New Jersey (15): Both sides agree Clinton ahead.

New Mexico (5): Slight advantage to Clinton.

New York (33): Clinton seems well ahead.

North Carolina (14): GOP says Bush trails.

North Dakota (3): Polls make it a toss-up.

Ohio (21): Clinton ahead in Midwest battleground.

Oklahoma (8): Clinton claims lead.

Oregon (7): GOP chairman says Bush effort is ineffective.

Pennsylvania (23): Clinton leads in battleground state.

Rhode Island (4): Clinton advantage.

South Carolina (8): Bush camp claims lead but poll shows toss-up.

South Dakota (3): Clinton leads narrowly in recent poll.

Tennessee (11): Clinton advantage in running-mate's state.

Texas (32): Bush leads narrowly. Perot's best state.

Utah (5): Solid for Bush.

Vermont (3): Clinton holds big lead in September poll.

Virginia (13): Bush ahead by surprisingly small margin.

Washington (11): Clinton leads.

West Virginia (5): Strong for Clinton.

Wisconsin (11): Clinton ahead; Bush making strong effort.

Wyoming (3): Bush a slight favorite in usual GOP stronghold.