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Teen guilty of killing bicyclist

Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty for a 17-year-old found guilty Saturday of murdering a 41-year-old bicyclist.

A jury said Michael Harvis was guilty of first-degree murder when he shot Robert Coleman last December as Coleman rode his bicycle along E Wilder Avenue and 39th Street in Seminole Heights.

Coleman was shot three times in a robbery attempt and bled to death at the scene.

"I believe the jury followed their conscience and followed the law," said Prosecutor Rick Bisconti.

On Monday, the state will ask the jury to recommend Harvis die in the electric chair. The final decision will be up to Judge Donald C. Evans.

Bisconti said there are two aggravating circumstances that led prosecutors to seek the death penalty: Harvis killed Coleman in the commission of a felony, and he was convicted less than a month earlier of three other violent crimes.

Last month, Harvis was found guilty of charges related to the Jan. 22 shooting death of 17-year-old Isaac Velazquez.

A jury found Harvis guilty of third-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and attempted robbery with a firearm. In that incident, two of Velazquez's friends were shot in the buttocks. Sentencing in the Velazquez case is set for Wednesday.

Bisconti Bosconti said Harvis' involvement in that shooting will be presented to jurors who must recommend life or death.

Harvis' teenage accomplice, 17-year-old James Baker, also was found guilty of first-degree murder in the Coleman shooting.

Prosecutors said Baker drove the car and provided the 9mm pistols used in the shooting. The state will not seek the death penalty for Baker.

Andrew Richardson, 14, was in the car with Harvis and Baker when they decided to rob Coleman. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in exchange for testimony against his companions.

_ Staff writer Wendy Lemus contributed to this story.