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Tips for sellers on listing, preparing your house

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The Homeseller's Kit, Second Edition, by Edith Lank (Dearborn Financial Publishing Co., Chicago), 1992, $15.95, 141 pages.

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Whether you are selling your home or buying one, this book will anticipate most of your questions. The author is Edith Lank, an experienced real estate writer and teacher.

The author shows home sellers how to get their homes ready for sale, so they can earn the highest sales price. She also explains how to interview real estate agents about listing the home and how to obtain their opinions of its market value. Her valuable insight into how agents operate makes the book well worth studying.

Chapter topics include to sell or not to sell, agent or FSBO (for sale by owner), finding a good agent, the listing process, some legal matters, pricing your property, preparing your house for the market, showing your home, negotiating your sales contract, your buyer's financing, the day of reckoning and tax considerations.

This book is simple, non-technical and very easy to read, giving insights which give the reader confidence. On my scale of one to 10, this fine book rates an eight.

Robert J. Bruss is a nationally syndicated columnist on real estate.