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Wyche a winner despite what scoreboard says

Sam Wyche is the best thing to happen to Tampa Bay since the proverbial "sliced bread." He is a man with tremendous integrity and personality. In my opinion, he has more charisma than the late John F. Kennedy!

As coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs, You, Sam, are truly a winner, regardless of what the scoreboard might say. You're a great asset to our area, and win or lose, we hope you're here to stay!

_ Leah L. Langenheim,


Photos of Lightning

lack game's spirit

Why is it that every photo the Times printed from the Tampa Bay Lightning games was always one of the following:

1. A Lightning player skating behind a puck-handling member of the opposition.

2. A Lightning player being punched by a member of the opposition during a brawl.

3. A Lightning player being checked by the opposition.

The hockey season is starting and I hope the Times will begin showing a little more Lightning spirit in its hockey photography.

_ Edward Work,

N. Redington Beach

Eagles' play represents

message Bucs must learn

On Monday night football, I and millions of others witnessed one of the games of the century. This was what Sam Wyche was trying to get through to the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Intensity, pride, playing with injuries, that's what makes a great football team, like the Philadelphia Eagles. The defense was on a mission, and did they ever tear apart the Dallas Cowboys.

Tampa Bay Bucs should be made to watch those tapes over and over again. It's called guts and until the Bucs get it I'm afraid they will always be mediocre.

_ Herb Gilbert,

St. Petersburg

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