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Steve Halpern regularly reviews more than 400 stock market newsletters and services, choosing what he believes to be the most interesting or informed recommendations for inclusion in this column and his own newsletter, the Dick Davis Digest. For subscription information or further details call (800) 654-1514.

Sensormatic Electronics

Headquarters: Deerfield Beach

NYSE (Symbol: SRM)

52-week range: $22.50-$31.25

Friday's close: $24.62{

"Sensormatic is the world's leading maker of antitheft devices for department and retail stores. Its product line includes the familiar tags you see attached to clothing.

"The stock is down from a high above 30, due to an announcement that the company was making two acquisitions and selling 8-million additional shares of stock. Despite the increased number of shares, there will be little or no earnings dilution. And the firms that Sensormatic acquired will give it a greater presence in Europe.

"Overall, Sensormatic is a growing company holding a dominant position in a field that has very little competition. As a result of an eventual resurgence of the economy, increased demand for Sensormatic's products should be outstanding. We rate the stock a buy on any price weakness."

Norman Fine

Fine Capital Management Group

(from an interview with

the Wall Street Transcript,

New York)

Walt Disney Co.

Headquarters: Burbank, Calif.

NYSE (Symbol: DIS)

52-week range: $25.12{-$41.12{

Friday's close: $34.25

"I'm very excited about Disney. The stock moves in and out of favor from an investment standpoint, which is fine with us. We don't pay a lot of attention to that.

"First, the company is going to get 10 percent to 15 percent of the revenues off the top of Euro Disney. So whether Euro Disney itself is very profitable doesn't make a lot of difference. And there will be a second park in Europe in 1996, and probably a third around the turn of the century.

"There will be another theme park in California called Wescot, which will be similar to Epcot Center, as well as additions to the theme parks in Florida. And I'm sure there will be two parks in Asia by the end of the decade.

"Further, Disney is now neck-and-neck with Time Warner as the No. 1 movie company. And the Disney station is probably the nation's most profitable and fastest-growing independent cable company.

"Meanwhile, the company's success and profitability in merchandising products, using the Disney logo, is legendary.

"Overall, the company is moving ahead on all burners. We see Disney facing new growth opportunities well out to the end of the century."

Lawrence Feit

General American Investors

Outback Steakhouse

Headquarters: Tampa

OTC (Symbol: OSSI)

52-week range: $16-$49.50

Friday's close: $43.25

"Outback Steakhouse is a Tampa-based full-service restaurant chain. The company offers moderate prices and utilizes a rustic Australian motif.

"Since June 1991, when its shares first went public at 15, the price has had a phenomenal rise. Despite the high share price and the very high price-to-earnings ratio, the firm's growth prospects look outstanding.

"Indeed, we have noticed that its restaurants always have people standing in line at mealtime. The stock is recommended for speculative investors."

The Pearson Investment Letter

Dover, Fla.

Home Shopping Network

Headquarters: St. Petersburg

NYSE (Symbol: HSN)

52-week range: $4.25-$8.87{

Friday's close: $5.87{

"Television marketer Home Shopping Network is enjoying a surge in profits. A fundamental turnaround appears evident from recent earnings reports.

"Positioned near the low end of its trading range, the stock offers a fine reward-to-risk ratio for traders."

Financial Predications


"Technically, Home Shopping came back to life by rising on sharply increased volume. If the 5 level can hold, and the stock can rise above 6|, it then has a shot at reaching the 8~ to 11 range."

Mark Leibovit

The Volume Reversal Survey

Sedona, Ariz.