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Florida's wealthiest

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Here are the wealthiest people living in Florida, according to Forbes magazine. Listed are name, age, residence, source of wealth and worth.

William Bernard Ziff Jr. Publishing $1.3-billion

62, Manalapan

James Martin Moran Toyota 700-million

74, Hillsboro Beach dealerships

Charlotte Colket Weber Inheritance 650-million

49, Ocala (Campbell Soup)

Phillip Frost Pharmaceuticals 630-million

70, Miami Beach

William Ingraham Koch Inheritance 500-million

52, Palm Beach (oil services)

Joseph Coulter Blood 495-million

67, Miami Springs counters

Alpheus Lee Ellis Banking 460-million

86, Tarpon Springs

William A. Dart Dart 425-million

65, Sarasota Container

Seymour Cohn Real estate 375-million

82, Palm Beach County

Hugh Culverhouse Real estate 360-million

73, Tampa

Diana Strawbridge Inheritance 340-million

Norris, 53, Palm Beach (Campbell Soup)

James Emmett Evans Citrus grower 310-million

92, Dade City (and family)

Dwayne Orville Andreas Archer-Daniels 300-million

74, Bal Harbour (and son) Midland

Willis Harrington duPont Inheritance 300-million

56, Palm Beach (Du Pont Co.)

Jennifer Johnson Duke Inheritance 300-million

51, Jacksonville (Johnson &


Marshall Edison "Doc" Concrete 300-million

Rinker Sr., 87, Palm Beach

Jack Monteith Berry Sr. Citrus 280-million

75, Winter Haven