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Florida's wealthiest

Here are the wealthiest people living in Florida, according to Forbes magazine. Listed are name, age, residence, source of wealth and worth.

William Bernard Ziff Jr. Publishing $1.3-billion

62, Manalapan

James Martin Moran Toyota 700-million

74, Hillsboro Beach dealerships

Charlotte Colket Weber Inheritance 650-million

49, Ocala (Campbell Soup)

Phillip Frost Pharmaceuticals 630-million

70, Miami Beach

William Ingraham Koch Inheritance 500-million

52, Palm Beach (oil services)

Joseph Coulter Blood 495-million

67, Miami Springs counters

Alpheus Lee Ellis Banking 460-million

86, Tarpon Springs

William A. Dart Dart 425-million

65, Sarasota Container

Seymour Cohn Real estate 375-million

82, Palm Beach County

Hugh Culverhouse Real estate 360-million

73, Tampa

Diana Strawbridge Inheritance 340-million

Norris, 53, Palm Beach (Campbell Soup)

James Emmett Evans Citrus grower 310-million

92, Dade City (and family)

Dwayne Orville Andreas Archer-Daniels 300-million

74, Bal Harbour (and son) Midland

Willis Harrington duPont Inheritance 300-million

56, Palm Beach (Du Pont Co.)

Jennifer Johnson Duke Inheritance 300-million

51, Jacksonville (Johnson &


Marshall Edison "Doc" Concrete 300-million

Rinker Sr., 87, Palm Beach

Jack Monteith Berry Sr. Citrus 280-million

75, Winter Haven