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Membership on advisory enhancement councils

Note: The school principal is included on each team.

Citrus High School

Teachers: Doris Dabney, Bonnie Ignico, Diane Quinton, Sylvia Gadaire, Bruce Nelson and Sue Osterhout

Students: Maureen Manning and Rebecca Gilbert

Parents: Judith Graham, Sue Autry, Ida Reinhart, Steven Sablone, Marcia Dalkalistsis and Jenni Morelli

Support staff: Charles Souhrada and Carolyn Zemanik

Other citizens: Joe Fallen, Sue Burrell and Peggy Barrett

Citrus Springs Elementary School

Teachers: Carla Eschen, Alice Pendergast, Lane Vick, Michelle Bundy-Preston, Karen Long and Georgiann Lanier

Students: Jamie Stifanic and Jessie Meyers

Parents: Janice Garry, Donald Yaws, Tammy Allard, Sophie Hodge and Laura Lou Fitzpatrick

Support staff: Diane Burns and Becky Wright

Other citizens: Donna Halnon and Ivan Bickford

Crystal River High School

Teachers: Mary Lyons, George Bacon, Pat Simon, Karen Janota, Anne Butler and Ken Reed

Students: Jim Person and Heather Frederick

Parents: Susan Lev, Sujan Li, Barbara Gardner, Linda Holmes, Jeanne March and Pat Haley

Support staff: Dorothy Pazur and Georgeann Jackson

Other citizens: Mary Stetler, Hood Hill, Clarie Laxton and Jayne Frederick

Crystal River Middle School

Teachers: Virginia Bryant, Terry Whitehead, Bill Brown and Sharon Weaver

Students: Jennifer Rooks and Wesley Worthington

Parents: Meg Clark, Marie Bienkowski, Frances Spalti and Babette Schoenfeld

Support staff: Wayne Beach and Pat Nelson

Other citizens: Carol Standard, Mary Nell Griffin and Judy Bailey

Crystal River Primary School

Teachers: David Jackson, George McKenzie, Betty Brown and Betty Jackson

Students: Rebecca Austin and Giammona Griffin

Parents: Susan Garrick, Nancy Abbott, Sylvia Grillo, Lynn Manzoli and Jenny Lou Wilson

Support staff: Marcena Croteau and Charles Mattingly

Other citizens: Essie McKinnon, Cynthia Hall and Harold Hall

Floral City Elementary School

Teachers: Janet Brown, Barbara Neuges, Betty Paschall and Carole Slattery

Students: Amanda Carte and Wendy Snyder

Parents: Valarie Acosta, Vickey Lofton, Jill White and Sheila Whitelaw

Support staff: Dottie Linhart and Marie Stylka

Other citizens: Jean Thatcher and Norino Verderame

Hernando Elementary School

Teachers: Dianne Micklon, Susan Bailey, Karen Goodwin, Debra Donovan and Charlotte May

Students: Amanda Handshoe

Parents: John Turlis, Susan Colasanti, Kathy Troiano, Gail Pastor, Pamela Wainwright and Nancy Haynes

Support staff: Tharice Blair

Other citizens: Jim Hovis and Roxie Kovelsky

Homosassa Elementary School

Teachers: Alice Pickett, Kimberly Arnett, Debbie Kenney, Georgine McGeoch, Sheree Preston and Claudette Samson

Students: Kimberly Wallace and Rebecca Lydy

Parents: Susan Weller, DeeDee Wilcox, Ken Will, Keiane DeNisco, Brian Hagen and Marian MacRae

Support staff: Edna Richards and Kissy Toney

Other citizens: John Young, Warren Bunts, LaVonne Edwards and Debbie Fowler

Inverness Middle School

Teachers: Dan Sumner, Sheridan Riley, Mark Klauder, Joe Susi, Kay DeCasper, William Kearns, Robert Martin and Laurie Grant

Students: Loraine Zuk and Samantha Hunter

Parents: Carol Rogers, Karen Aultman, Pat Lancaster, Trish Vitter, Pam Colasanti, Gail Pastor, Mira Bellamy and Virginia Nothnagel

Support staff: Terri White and Nancy Suydam

Other citizens: Jack O'Hanlon, Al Colasanti, Ann DiSanza, Sharon Matharoo, Pat Zaring and Karen Banks, other citizens

Inverness Primary School

Teachers: Marlise Bushman, Connie Collins, Sandy Cross, Kay Harper, Michelle McHugh, Charlotte Myer, Barbara Klein, Nancy Riley and Mary Wolf

Students: Hilary Burrows, Nicole Diehm and Michael Himmel

Parents: Pat Deutschman, Sally Diehm, Michael Galloway, Janet Herndon, Kathy Johnson, Susie Metcalfe, Karen Ott, Roy Wilt and Phedoris Lamb

Support staff: Shira Altier, Ann Tobin and Roberta Billings

Other citizens: Jeannette Fields, Sandra Himmel, Joyce Kirschner, Patricia Lancaster, Bill Metcalfe and Carol Rowda

Lakeview School

Teachers: Rona Hopper, Warren DeHaven and Paul M. Heinze

Student: Israel Chartrand

Parents: Ginger West, Patricia Grizzle and Joseph Martin

Support staff: Susan Jordan

Other citizens: Don Fedor and Stephen Rykiel

Lecanto High School

Teachers: Linda Connors, Stan Halpern, Bob Jackson, Pam Knowles, Jeff Maucieri, Suzanne Sheffield, Ron Cline and Mike Foisy

Students: Louis Newmann and Melissa Starling

Parents: Pauline Bare, Donna Days, Linda Douglas, Jim Hovis, Gwen Hunt, Rossie Joyner, Earl Penton and Ruty Rausch

Support staff: Evelyn Bailey and Diana Brown

Other citizens: Ray Darling, Kathy Dingle, Jean Halpern and Bert Miller

Lecanto Middle School

Teachers: Richard Hawkins, Nancy Hindak, Lucille Lang, Idalee Reinhart, Michelle Tripp and Sue Jeffes

Students: Kendra Marolf and Staci Wilson

Parents: Colleen Cairns, Susan Colasanti, Donna Days, Charles Gidden, Gwen Hunt and Sandra Sutter

Support staff: Marie Merkel and Gayle Monti

Other citizens: Lanse Fero, James Hovis and Lee Partin

Lecanto Primary School

Teachers: Cathy Brust, Becky James, Rose Keasey, Leanne Maucieri, Lori Bourscheld and Lori Gibbs

Students: Stephen Haynes and Kim Richardson

Parents: Joyce Albright, Diana Dunn, Judy Jendro, Stan Heebner, Kerstine Kellner, Jim Sudlow and Camille Richardson

Support staff: Carolyn Handley

Other citizens: George Perdew, Frances Perdew, Fran Elia and David Elia

Pleasant Grove Elementary School

Teachers: Barbie Anderson, Kam Bender, Margie DeMay, Chris Katinas, Doris McKinlay, Louise Stewart, Denise Willis and Renna Benefield

Students: Katie Allshouse and Joyce Carlucci

Parents: Bobbie Butler, Virginia Crandall, Clarence Davis, Donna Hales, Amanda Hensley, John Hull, Margaret Parker, Tony and Cindy Richards, Terri Walker and Kay Wolfe

Support staff: Carol Chance and Cathy Gosack

Other citizens: Wyndell Alexander, Sharon Holder, Barbara Terrell, Jose Torres and Jeri Ziebarth

Rock Crusher Elementary School

Teachers: Teresa Jenkins, Robbie Moore, Donna Farabaugh, Donna Dominic, Donna Ward, Lynn Weed, Jack Lester, Frank Pifer and Cindy Livesay

Students: Jessica Smith, Jason Lowe and John Crawford

Parents: Stephanie Price, Kathy Tolle, Sharon McKethan, Samantha Brown, Mary Ellen Kelly, Colleen Arnold, Ocie Edwards, Cameron Shaw and Stacey Brown

Support staff: Claudia Elliott, Ruby Hough and Joyce Trygar

Other citizens: Glenda Thomas, Madeline Soluri, Margaret Yarbrough, Jane Noyes, Patricia Kittleman and Donald Phillips

Withlacoochee Technical Institute

Teachers: Sylvia Stitler, Fred Young and Sharon Fries

Student: Harvey Cole Jr.

Parents: Ann Corbet, Linda Cridland and Don Fehrenbach

Support staff: Edward Jensen

Other citizens: Jeff Warren, Alida Langley and Albert Jordan, other citizens