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More lineup moves might be coming

Look out, you Florida starters.

Steve Spurrier had success with lineup changes last week, so the UF coach might try it again.

Unhappy with his offensive line, Spurrier inserted two new starters for Saturday's 28-21 win against Louisiana State and said the results were as good as he had seen all season.

Now, Spurrier may be turning his attention to the Florida secondary and receiver corps. He emphasized he was happy about ending a two-game losing streak but was not pleased with breakdowns on offense and defense.

The coach refused to single out players, but his message was clear.

"Either we're bad coaches or they're not very good players," Spurrier said of his team. "We're not playing in the framework of our offensive scheme and defensive scheme.

"We have to do a better job of coaching. And if the players on the field don't execute, we've got to go to the next player. There could be changes in a lot of places."

Spurrier was especially critical of pass coverage, after LSU threw for 339 yards. The secondary wasn't totally at fault, but Spurrier clearly was unhappy with his defensive backs.

"It was a combination of not getting enough of a pass rush, the linebackers not dropping into the zone, and the defensive backs not breaking on the ball," Spurrier said. "We've got guys in the secondary who are fifth-year seniors, and they're out of position on certain plays."

Backhanded penalty: Linebacker Carlton Miles was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct Saturday after a late hit _ on a referee.

Miles said he had been punched by an LSU player when he saw the referee come running in front of him. The UF senior thought the official was throwing a flag on LSU, so Miles gave him a fanny-slap in appreciation.

The referee spun around, shouted at Miles and threw a flag.

"He said I hit him too hard," Miles said. "I guess my adrenalin was going after that guy hit me, and I didn't realize how hard I slapped him."

Give him the ball: With a single run Saturday afternoon, Florida punter Shayne Edge became the team's fourth-leading rusher.

Edge took a high snap in the first quarter against LSU and, with a rush coming at him, ran to the right side for a 23-yard gain and a first down.