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Smoker lights into the ones who puff where they please

Editor: I have been a smoker for years, and I visit Gulf View Square Mall at least once a month. Because I believe in the rights of non-smokers, too, I never light up when I go shopping.

I also refrain when I go to other public places where I feel I would be violating the comfort of others. If smokers had been more considerate in the past, perhaps there wouldn't be such hostility about this issue now. I think it's the "I'll do whatever I damn well please" attitude that sticks in the craws of so many non-smokers, and I don't blame them.

I find it hard to believe that a person cannot refrain from smoking for an hour or two. We need to be more thoughtful of the rights and feelings of others in all areas of our lives.

Stephanie MacPherson

New Port Richey

Darlington/San Luis entrance is safer

Editor: In response to Belva Green's letter regarding the Darlington/San Luis entrance to the new Holiday Recreation Complex, no one feels that entrance from Darlington is perfect, but it is definitely a safer entrance than Strauber Road.

Strauber is a narrow, winding, unlit road with no shoulders, canals on one side and marshland on the other. If we are interested in the safety of our young athletes and their families, Strauber is clearly not the answer. Not only will there be accidents, there will be fatalities!

The Gulf Trace entrance is the best choice. However, when the county negotiated a deal with the builder for development of that entrance, no time limit was ever set and no secondary plan budgeted. Now we have a park that is needed and ready to open, and we are scrambling to find an entrance.

Because the county has no money available, it is not feasible to develop the Gulf Trace entrance, which we have been told by County Commissioner Ann Hildebrand will cost approximately $750,000. The Darlington/San Luis entrance will cost about $100,000. The Strauber entrance is the least expensive, yet the most dangerous. It comes down to: What price do we put on the lives of our children?

I don't think anyone can honestly believe that Strauber is the best entry route for the cars, bicycles and pedestrian traffic. Our responsibility to our children and families is to give them at least the second best and safest entry.

Barbara Riefner, president, Holiday Little League Board of Directors

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