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Today's topic: introducing

Name: Richard "Archie" Archambault

Originally from: Fitchburg, Mass.

Found Citrus County: We were originally living in the St. Petersburg area, but we left for more peaceful and quieter surroundings.

Family: My wife, Betty and four children

Employer: U.S. Postal Service, Inverness

I'd rather be doing: What I'm doing now. I like the opportunity to meet so many people. I'm a people person.

Hobbies: Golf, fishing and swimming

Favorite book: The Red Badge of Courage

Club memberships: Veterans of Foreign Wars

People think I'm: Honest and informative

I think I'm: helpful and friendly.

If I could talk to anyone, dead or alive: I'd talk to my mother, who is deceased. I'd like to find out about the hereafter, especially if there really is one.

If I could, I would: like to change the system to ensure the well-being of our senior citizens.

My goal in life: to do the best I can in both my job and my community.

The last word

"Judge Thurman is not a lenient judge at all. But he (the client) was treated with respect, and I think that's the difference. He (Thurman) is sane. He treats defendants and counsel with respect. He does not belittle or humiliate anyone in his courtroom."

_ Johnnye Friedrich, a local lawyer with whom County Judge Gary Graham has feuded and whose cases no longer can be heard by the controversial judge.