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"Black box' shows El Al engine trouble

Data retrieved from the "black box" flight recorder of an El Al cargo jet appears to confirm that a starboard engine problem caused the plane's crash into an apartment building, Dutch officials said Monday. "Either the engine itself failed, or the strut, also known as the pylon, gave way first," said a statement from the Dutch Transport Ministry. Meanwhile, City Hall put the estimated death toll from the Oct. 4 crash at 72, including the four people aboard.

2 Greenpeace ships on missions seized

MOSCOW _ Russia's coast guard seized a Greenpeace ship on Monday as the group was trying to investigate nuclear waste sites in Arctic waters. In France, another Greenpeace ship was seized by naval police in Cherbourg and four crew members were arrested. They were protesting the imminent arrival of a Japanese freighter to pick up a shipment of plutonium. The Arctic incident was the second in two years in which a Greenpeace ship was seized while trying to document nuclear waste dumping off Russia's north coast.

ANC protests as parliament opens

CAPE TOWN, South Africa _ This nation's past and future collided here Monday, with President Frederik de Klerk reopening the country's apartheid Parliament while several thousand blacks, still locked out of those political halls, shouted insults from the street. De Klerk, speaking to a joint session of the white, Indian and mixed-race Colored houses, vowed to continue with "orderly reform" and negotiations, and criticized Nelson Mandela's African National Congress for its inability to control its radicals.

U.N. effort boosts aid for Somalia

GENEVA _ The United Nations on Monday began a crash program to triple the delivery of food to Somalia, as officials conceded earlier slowness in facing the famine. The new U.N. program aims to speed existing international relief efforts over a 100-day period and increase cooperation among agencies working in Somalia. The program will deliver 100,000 tons of food and the International Red Cross 76,000 tons in that time. That rate is about three times the 20,000 tons of food a month that has arrived since an international airlift began in August.

Election results

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia _ In a blow to reformist Prime Minister Milan Panic, a referendum on whether President Slobodan Milosevic should move up general elections failed to attract enough voters, early results showed Monday. Only 46.1 percent of about 7-million voted, electoral commission figures show. A majority was needed for the referendum to be valid.

BILISI, Georgia _ An overwhelming vote for Eduard Shevardnadze in national elections Sunday has given the Georgian leader a strong hand with which to try to reimpose control in the rebellious province of Abkhazia. Early figures Monday showed more than 83 percent of the electorate voted.

Elsewhere . . .

BRUSSELS _ Senior European Commission and U.S. officials ended two days of negotiations without achieving a breakthrough in world trade talks, an official said Monday.

CARACAS, Venezuela _ A truck raced at high speed toward a ceremony attended by President Carlos Andres Perez on Monday and his bodyguards opened fire, killing the two people inside, the government said. Perez was unhurt. "The men appeared to be drunk. It was not an attempt on the president's life," said information minister Angel Zambrano.